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How To Manage Stress From Your Business.

When I first heard of meditation immediately I wasn’t a fan. I thought the goal was to clear your mind and sit there without a thought for hours and for me I felt like that wasn’t a great use of my time. I kept hearing the amazing benefits of it, so I had to do my research. After reading plenty of books and some help from Headspace I realized there are many different ways to meditate for different goals you want to accomplish.

For example even a short session of 5 min attempting to keep thoughts to a minimum can help lower daily stress levels! The goal with this isn’t to have a clear mind (that can take a lot of practice to achieve) but to TRY and clear your mind to the best of your ability.

A real life example of how this can help is if a stressful thought crosses your mind, instead of dwelling on it, you can control your mind and put that thought to the side until your ready to deal with it.

Join the discussion and let me know what tools you have to help manage stress.

Dr. Keon Kirlew

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